After 15 memorable seasons, the studio in Bayfield is now closed.

We are thankful for your support through the years and

we're grateful to have been part of the Bayfield community.


Kryart Studio is an open concept space designed to help you unleash your inner creative spirit. Kryart Studio’s one of a kind art menu, based on restaurant style service, will get you started on one of several projects. The beauty of this lies in its simplicity. It allows you to come in and focus on the creative aspect of your work, while we take care of the messy set up and clean up. We provide the level of assistance and guidance that you request. If you want a lot of creative and technical guidance, we’re right there to help you. If you want to work independently, we encourage that too!


Our aim is to provide the ideal creative space for all ages and levels of experience. Our beautiful studio is covered in colour and always has music playing through it. Drop-in for an art session and see what kind of incredible things you can accomplish!

© 2017 Kryart Studio & Gallery. 

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    1 (718) 510-3094